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Nail courses – Tendovaginitis

tendovagintisThe tendon sheath is a confined, tube like sheath that encloses tendons, ensures easy slipping and can be found in the hand and leg as well. The main motorial muscles of the hand and leg stem at the forearm and the leg, then by continuing in long tendons, cohere to the bones of hand and leg.These tendons are enclosed by a capsule-like sheath in which a slippery matter ensures the motion of tendons.

Tendovaginitis is in most cases an occupational disease. It can occur in the hand and in the leg as well (most often on the extensor side of the forearm).

The inflammation can be caused by:

  • long lasting or extraordinarily hard work,
  • fistular centre, infection.


  • swelling of the forearm’s muscle,
  • sensitivity to pressure,
  • soreness and crepitation in the region of the tendon sheath,
  • due to soreness, disorders occur in the functioning of the hand.