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Nail courses – Nervous tissue

nervous_tissueNervous tissue is a tissue type composed of very long nerve cells that branch out in many varieties and having the ability of receiving the environmental effects (stimuli) then transmits the impulses of cells (impulse conduction) and reacts to stimuli. It controls the functioning of various organs, makes the body work as a whole system and connects it with the outer world. They are the oldest cells of our body, which in contrast to other cells, are not reproduced or propagated. Its main nutrition is sugar from the burning of which it takes energy and is unable to store that so it is needed to be continually supplied with blood (in case it fails fainting can occur). The structural and functional unit of nervous tissue is neuron (nerve cell, plasma extension, dendrite and terminal branch).

Nerve supply disorders:

  • In case of the damage of sensory nerves (e.g.diabetes) the impulse reaches the brain later so the pain appears later as well.
  • If the moving nerve is damaged, the stimulus does not reach the muscle, which results in atrophy and attenuated muscles. Atrophy of the sole results in a high sole arch.