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Nail courses – Muscular tissue

muscular_tissueMuscular tissue is made up of very long, spindle shaped, closely fitting cells. The cells are composed of fibers and muscle threads which are capable of contracting and relaxing. This tissue type containing muscle threads has an abundant network of blood vessels and nerves.

Its types:

  • Smooth muscle tissue: (within intestines, gullet, walls of blood vessels, skin, lungs) functioning in an involuntary manner (under the control of the autonomic nervous system), slowly, persistently and capable of making less effort at a time,
  • Skeletal muscle tissue: (striated muscles) is voluntarily controlled (under the control of the somatic nervous system), capable of making much effort and fast contraction, a tissue type which gets tired quickly.
  • Cardiac muscle tissue: is a special type of the skeletal muscle tissue, combines the good qualities of smooth and cardiac muscle tissue. It functions with high strength, quickly and persistently, it is highly resistant to fatigue being under the control of the autonomic nervous system (functions in an involuntary manner).