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Nail courses – Arthritis

arthritisArthritis can be caused by bacterium or virus, it has to be treated by physicians. Arthritis can be acute (virulent) which occurs suddenly or chronic thatis latent developing over a long period of time. In addition, they can be classified as primary and secondary forms of arthritis.

The primary form of arthritis:

  • does not cause fever,
  • its latency period is years or decades,
  • hands of patients swell in the morning, they become stiff, movement is restricted and painful even without touch,
  • wrists and hands become deformed,
  • the disease may spread to the ankle, leg and even to the other joints.

The secondary form of arthritis:

  • is often preceded by tonsillitis or other common cold diseases,
  • it may occur in even more joints,
  • its general symptoms are fatigue, loss of appetite and high fever,
  • typically, the general state of health does not improve after the fever passes then the patient has fever again,
  • stabbing pain occurs in the joint,
  • the joint is swollen, warm and red,
  • moving of joints results in pain,
  • it may lead to disability,
  • at a later stage, if soft parts between the joints thicken and shrink, joint deformity may occur.