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Nail courses – Epithelium

epitheliumEpithelium is made up of the ensemble of epithelial cells (which are regular square shaped cells fitting closely together and having little intercellural space). It does not contain blood vessels, cells are closely attached to each other. The function of epithelium is to dissociate organs and to cover their surface continuously. It covers the inside and outside surface of our body (the surface layer of skin, the digestive organ (mucous membrane), the respiratory and secretory system), there is a connective tissue substance below. It contains nerve endings. Continue reading

Nail courses – Bone tissue

bone_tissueDetailed description of bone tissue

It belongs to stromal tissues (just like connective and cartilage tissue), constitutes the skeleton of the body having a connective and gap-filling role, it is composed of cellular space and the so-called intercellular matrix and it is rich in blood vessels (except for cartilage tissue). Bone tissue is the hardest and most weight-bearing tissue of the body. It is solid and elastic at the same time. Continue reading

Nail courses – Disorders of the feet

leg_ulcer_renderingvnsVein and innervation disorders of the feet:

Vein diseases:

  • Varicose veins occur when the walls of veins appearing near the surface of the skin dilate and the blood flows back to the lower part of the vein. It is caused by prolonged standing, obesity. Treatment for them is exercise.
  • Varicose veins generally cause inflammation. Symptoms: painful, hard and swollen veins, erythema, fever, shivers. Continue reading